“PHISH, MILWAUKEE 5/1/92” Early live show of beloved hippy jam band. “SARAVAH for CAFE APRE MIDI” V/A. French and Brazilian Ultra-Cool Hipster Lounge Collection. “CALIFORNIA COOL” V/A. West Coast Beatnik 50’s Hepcat Jazz. “DUKE REID’S TREASURE CHEST” V/A. Early Jamaican Rock Steady ’64-’66. “EASY LISTENING STORY VOL. 1” V/A Cheesy Instrumentals and Space Age Bachelor Pad Music from the 50’s and 60’s. “ESPRESSO ESPRESSO” V/A. Swingin’ 60’s Bossa Nova/Pop/Lounge. “EXCLUSIVELY TALENT” THE OPTIGONALLY YOURS Harmonic Electronica with a twist of irony. “FANTASMA” CORNELIUS The Modern Master of Japanese Loungecore. “HAMPTON COMES ALIVE, DISK 3” PHISH Need I say more? OK, I miss those guys. “IF DEEJAY WAS YOUR TRADE” V/A. Vintage killer Dub/DJ mixes from the early and late 70’s .”LET’S FLIP” THE MICROSCOPIC SEPTET Eclectic jazz group who ruled the downtown scene in the 80’s. “ROOTS & RIGHTS” V/A. Radical Roots Rock with Positive Dub Vibrations. “SUSHI 2003” V/A. Japanese Lounge does not get any better than this. “TAKE THE Z TRAIN” THE MICROSCOPIC SEPTET Like Raymond Scott, only better. “TECHNIQUES CLASSICS” Easy Skankin’ Lover’s Rock with Copasetic Vocal Harmonies. “TERMINATION DUB” V/A. Dub it up, blacker than dread. Irie. “THE NUTLEY BRASS PLAY THE BEST OF SHIMMY DISK” Quirky big band renditions of hits from this NJ indie label. “U ROY & FRIENDS” V/A. Early 70’s DJ toasting along 60’s Jamaican pop gems. “VERSION GALORE” V/A. Toasting, Skanking, Rub-a-Dub, Rhythm come forward. Ya mon. “WACKY SAMPLER” V/A Roots Rock Reggae, Emperor Haile Sallassie, I and I… Rastaman!